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For more information on Universal Pier BlockTM, to obtain a sample or to find out how to become a UPB retailer please contact:

Alice Muratore
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About Universal Pier BlockTM

Concrete Results is pleased to introduce for license or sale, a remarkable universal block for use in securing a variety of posts and beams for wood deck construction.

The invention features a concrete universal six-sided block for securing a post and the ends of wooden or metal 4x4’s, 6x6’s or 2x4’s. It provides a pier block that is simple, easy-to-use and is able to support different sizes of beams in an exact and stable position. It is the primary object of this unique pier block to improve the construction of any size wooden deck that is ideal for use by contractors and the do-it-yourselfer.

Present methods and means for building a deck involve components that are difficult and time consuming to use and all too often subject to costly errors. The need for a better pier block led inventor, David Triplett, to the development of his Universal Pier BlockTM. He designed a channeled block with an adjustable bracket and drain hole that greatly simplified deck construction. It uses considerably less concrete in deck construction that further profits for the manufacturer while outperforming present building methods. It is important to note that it has been fully tested and proven with the use of working prototypes.

It is a well designed pier block that can be made to fit any need or special deck construction. The design used is simple and uncomplicated, allowing it to be easily produced at a very affordable and competitive price. It is a superior pier block that has been awarded a much deserved United States Patent with 3 claims for its unique and exceptional design. This product is now ready for immediate introduction to a vast and waiting market.

Sales Potential: The sales possibilities for the block are unlimited. Once introduced, consumer and industry acceptance should be enthusiastic and immediate. It provides a deck product that fills a real need for contractors, remodeling services, and the home handy person. It can be sold in discount and home improvement stores, appropriate magazines and over the Internet. It is a quality deck building product that opens up a new and highly profitable product line with unlimited national and international marketing opportunities.

Commentary: Simplicity yet careful planning are used in its basic design. The design is practical and consideration has been given to manufacturing technique. It is a product that offers unique possibilities and one that deserves serious consideration from manufacturers in this industry.

Model: A model is available for interested manufacturers to review.

Thank your for your time and consideration. For more information please contact:
Alice Muratore at
Liz Swider at
Or call us at (931) 485-2370.