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For more information on Universal Pier BlockTM, to obtain a sample or to find out how to become a UPB retailer please contact:

Alice Muratore
cell: (817) 721-7700
office: (931) 485-2370

Welcome to the home of Universal Pier BlockTM

Universal Pier BlockTM is an innovative new product for both contractors and do-it-yourself consumers, is easy to use, and allows maximum design flexibility by allowing dimensional lumber to be used in a variety of combinations.

Universal Pier BlockTM secures a post or the end of wooden or metal 4x4’s, 6x6’s or 2x4’s with adjustable brackets. It also features a drain hole to ensure that moisture is moved away from the structure. With this easy-to-use block, supporting different sizes of beams in an exact and stable position is simple. By eliminating the need for pier blocks of different sizes, you eliminate time consuming and costly errors.

Look around and see how Universal Pier BlockTM can simplify your next project!